Road Marking Glass Beads

Road marking glass beads are the reflective material in road marking (paint), which can improve the retroreflective performance of road marking paint , and enhance the safety of driving at night. They have been recognized by the national traffic departments.When the car is driving at night, the headlight is against the road marking line with glass beads. Then the light is reflected back in parallel, so that the driver can see the direction forward and improve the safety of driving at night.Nowadays, glass beads have become an irreplaceable reflective material in road safety products


According to different circumstance, reflective glass beads can be divided into drop on glass beads and premix glass beads. 

Drop on glass beads: Add them to the wet marking paint surface right after road line being marked.

Premix glass beads: Being evenly mixed with road marking paint before marking road line



KT®Mix glass beads are intermix beads used inside the thermoplastic paint or other paint material. Produced by 100% recycled glass, they can provide good, consistent retro-reflective values in all conventional road marking materials. 


KT®Mix glass beads are available in various particle sizes, we can produce it according to different specifications and customer requirements.



KT®Drop-On beads are used to drop on the surface of the road marking paint, they can provide extra reflective values due to improved rounds and special surface treatment.


KT®Drop-On beads are available in many types with different surface treatment suitable for different paint:


•KT®TP for thermoplastic paint.


•KT®2K for 2 components paint.


•KT®SB for solvent borne acrylic paint.


•KT®WB for water borne paint



KT®HL beads are made from 100% Virgin glass, they can offer unsurpassed performance and longevity on the road due to its extremely smooth surface, high roundness, less than 1% air inclusions, and large sizes.



 According to the paint film thickness, different types of glass beads shall be selected for drop on the surface during construction.

 During the selection of drop on glass beads, it should base on the characteristics of the region and coating, to choose either the coated glass beads, rain night glass beads or highlight glass beads.

During the construction of marking, the round rate of glass beads and the amount of seeding per unit area directly affect the retroreflective ratio of marking. Use high quality and  sufficient glass beads, and choose qualified marking paint.


Technology required

1.Appearance:glass beads should be

clean,colorless,transparent,no obvious impurity,no visible

bubble, with smooth surface and round.

2.Roundness:850-600um≥70%, lower than



4.Refractive index:≥1.50

5.Water resistance:no fog at the surface of glass beads after

heating from boiling water

6.Magnetic particle content:≤0.1%

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