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Remain True to Original Aspiration, Retribute to His Hometown

Add Time:2020-02-21 14:50:44

Liu Xiude, our president, was born in DaDaokou Village, Taiping Town, Binhai New Area, Tianjin, and moved to YuanJing’er Village later. He founded KONGTAK GROUP after graduation by himself.

It took him, an ordinary rural boy, about 30 years to be an successful entrepreneur, whose  annual production of export products near hundreds of millions of dollars. Mr Liu Xiude’ gorgeous success comes from his love and adhering to engaging in industry! He remains true to original aspiration, sticking to the industry, working hard, and trying to do the enterprise "true",  "real",  "beauty". He also adheres to the internal quality of enterprise development, and sharing the results of development with the workers, actively assuming social responsibility.

Mr Liu Xiude is the first entrepreneur, who in the name of the individual,  donated help fund  to his village. In the village,  most of old people and children stay at home, who lack of love. He now with a successful career, actively engages in charity and retribute to his hometown,  as well as the society. Althought he has left his hometown for a long time, he always thinks about the children and older people there.

 One person who get succeed outside home, should  think about the source while drinking water. He repeatedly stressed that retributing hometown is the most important thing in his life. Spirit is priceless and gratitude is priceless.

On Oct 10, 2018, he returned to his hometown and donated 100,000 yuan to his  DaDaokou Village Development Fund. Secretary Liu Muge, on behalf of more than 3,000 villagers and the committees, thanked Mr Liu Xiude for his kindness.


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