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An Important Inspection

Add Time:2020-02-21 15:13:19

On the morning of November 10, 2019,  Li Ligen, deputy director of the Binhai New Area People's Congress, went deep into Gulin street to participate in the fifth environmental clean-up activity for ten thousand people, and went into the enterprise area to supervise the safety of production. Accompanied by Guo Chengbao, secretary of Gulin street working committee, and Zhang Ruying, deputy secretary of Gulin street working committee, as well as Wang guang, deputy director of the street office and relevant persons in charge of the public safety office.

During the inspection,  Mr Li ligen and his party came to Huide Garden community, with community volunteers to participate in the fifth environmental clean-up activities for ten thousand people, and then made random visits to households, asking about the progress of the creation, listening to the residents' opinions and Suggestions.

Then, Mr Li ligen got into the Yipin Business Square and other crowded places to check whether the fire facilities are complete and safe passage is unobstructed. Later he went to KONGTAK GROUP to check the warehouse workshop on fire control safety production situation, focusing on the workshop, warehouse, on whether fire extinguisher, emergency lights, evacuation sign instructions and other fire equipment completely works, on whether exit, evacuation channel is obstructed, fire fighting and emergency evacuation plan and fire safety responsibility system, fire patrol system is sound, and so on and so forth.


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