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Manufacturing techniques of glass beads

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Manufacturing techniques

According to different glass beads producing equipment and 

engergy,natural gas/coke gas/electric power are used to produce 

with lie-rotate/float-vertical method,then change glass sand into 

different glass beads with high-heat melt.

The difference of manufactruing technique

Energy's choosing will obviously affect the final glass beads quality,naural gas should be the first choice while producing,but because of its high cost and geographic region, most of factories can't use natural gas.



200times magnification microscope view of glass beads,produced by KONGTAK's float-vertical tech, with final bead's surface smooth and shining.

Clean natural gas

Natural gas is clean energy, which can provide stable calorific value and high energy. It can bring shining surface for glass beads,and the rate of finished products yield is higher, with good quality too.

Natural gas will not pollute the environment.

Please do not choose glass beads by coke gas.

Although it's cheaper.


200times magnification microscope view of glass beads,produced by regular lie-rotate method,final bead's surface rough and dim.

A backward process

In the process of manufacturing glass beads, lime powder, carbon powder and other powder will be produced, which will cause great pollution to people and the environment.

Indispensable raw material: sulfuric acid. It will corrode the surface of glass beads and pollute the environment. Sulfuric acid will always adhere to the surface of glass beads.


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